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2022 RE/MAX Commercials

The 2022 NEW Commercials are available! Make sure to check them out AND go to to customize and share your branded commercials! You can also share via Photofy with two clicks! Go to quick share tab then videos!

(Not gonna lie, the first one made me tear up)!


1. Go to

Select "Customize a Commercial"

2. Add Your Information

3. Select the video you want - OR go ahead and select ALL to get 17 Commercials branded to YOU!!

4. Click Download ALL videos and save to a folder! You will see regular videos as well as videos perfect for stories, reels, TikTok and more!


You know how I like to add a little "extra" tips! Now that you have all of these videos downloaded, go to the Facebook Creator Studio and schedule the regular size videos onto your business page (and Instagram if you have one)! I recommend picking one day a week (based on your business page insights, find the time and day that most of your followers are on Facebook)... go ahead and use these 17 videos and schedule once a week! This give you almost 4 months of weekly content! Once you get close to those 17 weeks, go ahead and start this process over!

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