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RE/MAX has the competitive advantages to build your business.

Watch RE/MAX 101 now:

RE/MAX 101 serves as a valuable how-to guide to help you understand all the tools you have at your
fingertips and how to leverage them - and the power of the RE/MAX brand.

During this session you'll learn about: 

  • The RE/MAX Technology Suite

  • Brand and Marketing

  • Residential, Luxury and Commercial

  • Marketing Tools

  • Education

  • Industry and Community Involvement

  • Events and Networking

  • Trademark and Brand Protection

  • Professional Awards

  • And so much more!

By the end, you'll leave feeling even more confident in your decision to join the #1 name in real estate.


Brand Awareness | Leverage the Brand + Define Your Personal Brand

Branding is a fundamental aspect of your business strategy—and your personal brand is constantly evolving as you grow your business! In this course, discover the importance of developing a unique brand and learn how to define your personal brand identity. Join us as we take a tour of some of the ways the RE/MAX brand supports agents and the technology that is available to help get your brand into the hands of consumers.


Lead Generation | Digital Avenues for Leads

Lead generation is a daily task for any Real Estate professional, but ensuring that you set realistic lead generation goals and understand how to position yourself as the right agent for your clients can make the process much easier! In this course, we'll help you navigate the lead generation process and identify some of the RE/MAX technology tools available to help you consistently grow your business.


Client Connection | Cultivating Relationships Using Technology

When it comes to staying top of mind with your contacts, consistent communication is key! In this course we will focus on developing meaningful relationships with your past, current, and future clients and offer tips how you can use the RE/MAX Tech Suite to stay connected with your contacts.


Transactions | Managing Your Deals

Now that you have successfully gotten a prospect to begin the home buying or selling process, you’ll want to actively guide your clients through this often overwhelming and fast paced moment in their lives. In this course we give you tips and strategies to help you stay organized and communicate effectively as well as identify what RE/MAX Tech is available to help with your deal management process.


Education + Support | Continue to Grow

As a RE/MAX Agent, there is a plethora of educational resources and support tools at your disposal. In this course, take a tour of the resources available to you, including RE/MAX University, RE/MAX Marketplace, and Product Support so you can improve your understanding of how to effectively run a real estate business and learn how you can get the most out of your tech tools.

RE/MAX Orientation

RE/MAX Orientation

RE/MAX Orientation
REMAX URL Shortener  Track, Customize, and Share Links

REMAX URL Shortener Track, Customize, and Share Links

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MAXCenter Profile Update Guide

MAXCenter Profile Update Guide

Play Video
MAXCENTER and RE/MAX Introduction

MAXCENTER and RE/MAX Introduction

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REMAX University Overview with Heather H Holliday

REMAX University Overview with Heather H Holliday

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