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Revised 6/6/2022

  1. By Wednesday at Noon- You need to let Lynn Bateman know, via email to, if you want to advertise on the following Sunday.  You will need to send her your ad text, photos (high resolution only), and number of ads you want.  Be sure to include if it's an Open House, address, etc. THIS IS DUE BY WEDNESDAY AT NOON EACH WEEK.  We have to reserve the ad space w/ the newspaper on Wednesday so please make sure you get her what she needs by NOON on Wednesday.

  2. Lynn will send you a proof of the ad by 1pm on have until 4pm on THURSDAY to get her any changes!  If you miss the deadline the ad will run as it was sent to you.  She will try to call you, however it's your responsibility to check the proof that is sent to you at 1pm.  You have 3 hours to respond.  If there are no changes, please do let her know that as well.  

  3. Our Graphic Designer will make changes Thursday night and submit to the newspaper Friday morning, as it goes to PRESS at 10am.  

If you have any questions, please let me or Lynn Bateman know and attached is the timeline that Lynn Bateman and Melinda are operating under.  

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